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Hustle Porn and why it stops you from getting things done in this episode of BlissLife Business with Christopher Sherrod

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My life is weird.

I have the greatest life partner and I’m very happy.

I live in paradise and love it.

I have businesses that I love being involved in.

And yet:

I’m not the best entrepreneur ever. That title goes to Richard Branson. Hat tip to him.

I’m not the most handsome man and will never be on Times Magazine. Yet, my woman
tells me daily “Hey sexy”. And that works for me.

I’m not the best at anything.

Except my life.

I’ve designed it to what I want.

I wanted to live in a tropical paradise and I do with a view of the Caribbean.

I wanted a smart, sophisticated, strong woman and I got it. Woot.

I wanted businesses that I cared about and I made them.

I made my life and I love it.

Go out and make your life what you want. Make it your own.

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