Hustle Porn

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Hustle Porn and why it stops you from getting things done in this episode of BlissLife Business with Christopher Sherrod

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Welcome back to BlissLife Business.

This is the place where I share business lessons and what’s working for me and very select guest entrepreneurs.

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Okay, so last week I sat down with three other entrepreneurs over coffee at my favorite cafe, Marley’s Coffee, and we discussed business.

After planning out a a series of future launches our conversation lead to what new entrepreneurs want.

I’ve seen (you as well) a lot of you can be successful as an entrepreneur content out there. There is tons of it. This person has this course on how to do X. This other person has a coaching program.

We call it hustle porn.

All this entrepreneur success content is like fast food for new entrepreneurs. Most newbie entrepreneurs believe that you have to hustle to make money and be successful. If you aren’t rich then you need to keep hustling.

And there are lots of people that sell that hustle marketing methods.

Marketing systems that have you make a video everyday for a year and hope that someday it’ll go viral.

Big entrepreneur coaching groups full of people that all believe you just have to hustle until you become successful. Full on unsuccessful people all trying to convince themselves that they are hustling to success.

We all totally disagree.

That’s all hustle porn.

Yes, maybe a first you have to hustle to learn what your audience wants, but the you have to hustle for years or forever isn’t true.

You have to work smart. There are only so many hours in the day.

You can’t let your health go so you can work 18 hours a day. I know I’ve tried that. I wish I hadn’t done it more than six months.

You can do hustle spurts. When I was younger I went for 4 years straight working every day, all day.

When I was still a new entrepreneur back in mid 90’s I worked 18-hour days seven days a week for about four years.

I was hustling it. I was making things happen.

My business at the time failed because that all didn’t matter, all the hard work was for naught because my target audience was so small and specialized that my business wasn’t growing, it was shrinking. And I couldn’t (at the time) find a way to get in front of more of my target audience.

I wasn’t working smart. I was hustling.

Four years in I quit working everyday and cash cowed the business, meaning I just let it run making money while I took a consulting gig in the Bahamas and had a blast snorkling in the Caribbean.

Eventually the business went out of business when it’s expensives took up most of the income and then I just quietly closed up the business.

But that first business lead me to consulting gigs and launching new businesses. I learned a lot and I moved forward in business.

You shouldn’t read or watch tons of hustle porn and get depressed that your business isn’t working.

So many so-called gurus sell hustle porn because it makes them a ton of money. And it’s focused on people wanting to be a entrepreneur and what they think is needed to be successful. And sometimes that is the polar opposite of what it really takes to be successful.

Some have learned how to make $5 and then turn around and sell coaching or a course on how you can make money and then they make millions off of that advice.

Reality is you just need to focus on what is making money and getting that in front of new people and keep in contact with your current clients and keep them happy by doing what they want you to do.

And then tweak as you grow.

One of us in our meeting had someone who paid to tag along for the day to see what a real business looks like (we call it a VIP day, I offer those to my email list over at ChristopherSherrod.com). VIP days are one of my favorite ways to learn about business.

Our conversation blew her away.

Her whole world changed.

She’s been doing organic social media for over a year now and has had very little success.

She gets lots of likes on Instagram. She’s looks very successful on social media but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are making any money.

She’s now convinced to shift to paid traffic.

What people actually buy is a way better predictor of what people want and will pay money for than a social media post that just gets a lot of likes.

Pay for traffic that gets people on your email list or sells a product. Do not pay for likes. I’ve meet so many entrepeneurs that have spent thousands of dollars for just getting likes for months on end and haven’t sold a single thing.

Spend your time and money on making something great and then get paid traffic to sell it.

People actually buying something is your greatest indicator of whether people want it or not.

This hoping that your organic social media posts will go viral and that you should just do a video everyday to get business is a lot of work, like full-time work, and it’s lost in a sea of content.

Facebook’s algorhym punishes viral content so that it makes you spend money on ads.

Yes you can get content to go viral but it’s so hard that paying for an ad to sell your thing is so much quicker and direct.

Your homework for today’s lesson is to rate this podcast 5-stars and subscribe if you haven’t yet and then write down in your journal the top 5 direct ways you can bring in business today. Turn off your notification and then do it.

Just do it.


Before we go I want to leave you with this.

Focus on having a great product or service, make things happen, know what your critical numbers in business are and getting your thing in front of more and more people. Don’t pay for social media likes hoping it’ll convert. Focus on marketing that gets people to buy now.

Reduce or eliminate your consumption of hustle porn.

Thank you so much for joining me on BlissLife Business. The show for lifestyle entrepreneurs without the hustle porn.

Also remember that if you listening on an iPhone or iPad tell Siri “Play podcast BlissLife Business” and it’ll play the latest episode. Oh, and make sure you subscribe and leave a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts. Thank you so much.