Definition of Success

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What is your definition of success? Is this a keep up with the Jones society? What is success for you?

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Many think success is having fame, fancy cars, mansions, lots of women, and a ton
of possessions.For me, success is family, wealth, meaning, purpose, and accomplishment.Success is being my own boss and having a business I’m proud of.Success is not having a single person or group in control of my business.Success isn’t whether I have Gucci items or not.I’m very comfortable in my condo with a view of the Caribbean. I don’t have a car
and just walk or taxi where I want to go, because it’s more convenient for me.I dress in my Caribbean comfortable clothes that fit the lifestyle I want and have.

Just because someone drives a Ferrari doesn’t mean they are more successful.

Aim for what you want.

I meet lots of entrepreneurs that aren’t billionaires or even millionaires that think they
are unsuccessful.

But, they are in business full-time doing what they love. Having the life they want.

That’s successful.

If you are a full-time musician you are a huge success.

Don’t compare yourself to Justin Timberlake.