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Integrity, the biggest issue I see in business.

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Insert Inspirational Quote Here. Ha. That’s a heck of a lead in to the show today, isn’t it? Why that’s so true on this episode.


Most all inspirational quotes are focused on giving up on some aspect of your life in
order to mentally and physically focus on chasing fame and/or wealth.

Wanting these things is a recipe for an ego-driven mind that will never find peace.

I find focusing on helping my customer works and everything stems off of that.

If my business requires that I be fully functional at a company retreat then the
company gets certain things so I can perform at the level needed.

So, instead of saying I flew first-class to go to an event and getting all ‘ego-ie’
about it, I just fly first class because I need to be comfortable and be able
to perform.

Getting rid of lines and waiting allows me to focus and relax. Traveling for me is an
easy time. And I arrive all rested and ready to go.