Lessons from systemized tourist business

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Integrity, the biggest issue I see in business.

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I visited my friends’ multi-site tourist business all day recently.

I noticed that a lot of the personnel running the place had changed since I had last
been there.

They had a new young manager, the previous one took over a new facility in the
Cayman Islands.

A new head of customer service and my main contact person for when I bring clients
was introduced to me by the owners. Always good to get a personal introduction.

I asked for a couple of things from Jack one of the owners and he had no idea.
He referenced me to the manager or customer service manager.

His business is too big for him to know any of the fine details.

He knows how much they make and his overhead per day for this time of year but
he has people that actually run the business day-to-day. He told me stories about a
competitor and their daily income and overhead, even though it was lower than
his, and he has multiple sites he was still a little jealous because it was a bit more

They have turnover. It’s normal. And he has it systemized so that turnover is normal
and things still run smoothly. In fact, runs better than if they had no or little turnover.

They spread the leaders around and have opportunities for advancement.

All this allows the owners to focus on the fun aspects of their business, like showing
off the place to a friend like me.

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