Integrity, the biggest issue I see in business.

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Last episode I talked about not doing business with desperate people.

Some of the feedback I got was how do you know if someone is desperate.

That’s a really good question.

Besides trusting your gut instinct, it’s a little hard to know when you first meet someone.

So I do a little at a time with people and have them show me their integrity.

That’s the biggest issue I see in business, integrity.

It’s not who makes the most money or who is the best at what but who has integrity when a launch goes sideways. Who will be like “Opps, we made a mistake and need two more weeks before we launch”.

In an era of having to look perfect on social media and if one slight error or perception happens a lot of people will burn anyone that knows in order to keep it a secret. It’s vital to have integrity.

I’ve made mistakes. Everyone has made mistakes. Lying about it just doesn’t help. Making it right does count.

It is missing in the world I believe a lot especially in business and politics. And the only way to turn it around as a society is to have integrity.

And quit doing business with people that don’t have it.

Always give people the opportunity to redeem themselves and let them choose how they want to handle it.

I’ve done business with fellow entrepreneurs who have massively failed but had turned around had an opportunity that was good for me.

This isn’t about blacklisting people for life and destroying people’s reputations either.

It’s about doing the right thing.

Do the right thing. It’s actually not that hard.

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