Doing Business With Desperate People

By 2019-04-16 May 16th, 2019 No Comments

Hustle Porn and why it stops you from getting things done in this episode of BlissLife Business with Christopher Sherrod

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I recently had a business deal not work out.

The person I was working with hit the nuclear button and made up things in order to win the argument why they should keep $2000.

Making up photos to prove their point and when that didn’t work threatened a family member.

Anything to keep the money and blame me to justify.

I sat back and thought about what happened.

Was there a sign that I missed?

What other deals that were similar how were they similar?

All of the deals didn’t work out because the client, partner or contractor was desperate for money.

When people are desperate and can’t afford to not get the money they will a vast majority of the time make up a story to convince themselves that they are the victim and are being screwed over.

No amount of contract paperwork, pictures, correspondence, and facts will convince them that they have made a mistake. They can’t live with being wrong.

So they hit the nuclear button and will take you down and ruin your reputation in order to win.

You can never win with desperate people.

I’ve found it best to state your position and then move on or hand it to a lawyer if serious.